Five Ways of Combining Roses and Clematis

Shrub and Climbing Roses offer the support that clematis need. This dictates the first method of combining roses and clematis - before the rose flowers.

In early and midsummer both roses and clematis are at their flowering peak. Here is the opportunity for colour matching of the blooms at its best. This dictates the second method of combination of rose and clematis - as the rose flowers.

As the flowering of roses wanes so the flowering of clematis continues - Jackmanii, Viticella, Texensis, Orientalis Groups and Late Species. The roses that have ceased flowering are available as support and as a background. This situation dictates the third method of combining rose and clematis - after the rose has flowered.

During the summer other groups of clematis can add colour to the rose - the Texensis and Herbaceous Groups - by close proximity below the rose. This dictates the fourth method of combination - the clematis at the foot of the rose.

While some clematis would embarrass the rose with their excess vigour, they can still be planted in areas nearby either to give colour to that corner of the garden before or after the rose blooms or to combine with the rose when it flowers. This dictates the fifth method of combination of rose and clematis - the clematis near the rose.

Our five methods of utilising clematis with roses are:

Before the rose flowers

With the rose flowering

After the rose flowers

Under the rose

Near the rose

See: Howells, J. 1996. The Rose and The Clematis as Good Companions. P.53.

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