LIST OF ARTICLES on Clematis by Dr John Howells

Articles which appear like this Tulip Clematis are available to be viewed on line by clicking on the title. Further articles will be made available in due course.

Clematis. An Amateur's Experience. International Clematis Society Newsletter. I. 1987.

A Note on `Nibbling' Clematis. Clematis International. 1988.

Lament for Lawsoniana. Clematis International. 1989.

Should I or Shouldn't I? Clematis International. 1990

Best Introductions in Last 20 years. The Clematis. 1991.

A Gardener's Classification of Clematis. The Clematis. 1992.

Jim Fisk - The Man. The Clematis. 1992.

Clematis and Climbing Roses. The Rose. 1992. 86. 168.

Clematis Wilt. A Review of the Literature. The Plantsman. 15. 148-160.

Clematis Wilt. The Clematis. 1994. p.48.

Vulnerability to Clematis Wilt in Large Flowered Clematis. The Clematis. 1994. p.51.

The Genetic Background of Wilting Clematis. The Clematis. 1994. p.62.

Clematis and Climbing Roses. The Clematis. 1995. p.54.

The Lesion of Stem Rot (Clematis 'wilt'). The Clematis. 1996. p.39.

Research on Clematis `Stem Rot' from Abroad. The Clematis. 1997 p.36.

Make It Easier to Grow Clematis. The Clematis. 1997. p.84.

Dr Ruppel and Mr Fisk. Garden News. 28.1.1992.

Pruning Clematis. Garden News. 26.2.1992.

A Tribute to Clematis. Garden News. 4.3.1992.

A Montana Called Freda. Garden News. 18.3.1992.

Planting Clematis Near a Wall. Garden News. 15.4.1992.

Twelve Easy Clematis. Garden News. 13.5.1992.

Clematis for the Border. Garden News. 10.6.1992.

Tiny Treasures. Garden News. 8.7.1992.

Clematis From Texas. Garden News. 5.8.1992.

Yellow Clematis. Garden News. 2.9.1992.

Booming Clematis. Garden News. 30.9.1992.

Fragrant Clematis. Garden News. 28.10.1992.

Vigorous Clematis. Garden News. 25.11.1992.

Clematis Calendar. Garden News. 23.12.1992.

Taking Winter Stock. Garden News. 20.1.1993.

Early Clematis. Garden News. 9.2.1993.

Colourful Clematis. Garden News. 12.5.1993.

Autumn Flowering Clematis. Garden News. 11.8.1993.


Be Positive About Pruning. Garden News. 16.2.1994.

Clematis Kaleidoscope: Early Flowering Hybrids. Garden News. 11.5.1994

Celebrating Clematis. Garden News. 8.6.1994.

Little Gems to Tempt You. Garden News. 28.9.1994.

Clematis Wilt. Garden News. 8.2.1995.

A Surprise in the Border. Garden News. 10.5.1995.

Clematis in Containers. Garden News. 15.8.1995.

Clematis as Social Climbers. Garden News. 15.11.1995.

Pruning Clematis Made Easy. Garden News. 21.2.1996.

Yellow Clematis. Garden News. 15.5.1996.

Pinky Red Clematis. Garden News. 10.7.1996.

Clematis and Climbing Roses. Garden News. 16.10.1996.

Clematis on Patios. Garden News. 5.3.1997.

Clematis in Pots. Garden News. 28.5.1997.

How New Clematis Are Born. Garden News. 12.8.1997.

White Clematis Through the Year. Garden News. 19.11.1997.

Do You Talk to your Clematis? Garden News. 25.7.1998

Clematis That Make Climbing Tulips. Garden News. 25.5.1998

Getting to know Clematis. Garden News. 29.7.1998

Clematis from Eastern Europe. Garden News. 25.11.1998  

Pruning Clematis Made Easy. Garden News. 13.1.99

The Viticella Clematis - Neglected Garden Treasure. Garden News. 21.3.1999

Clematis for the Border Garden News. 5.5.1999

Planting Clematis the Easy Way Garden News 28.7.1999

Twenty Clematis for a Small Garden Garden News 8.9.1999

Understanding Clematis Wilt Garden News 3.11.1999

Winter-care for Clematis Garden News 27.1.2000

Red Clematis - Large and Small Garden News 11.5.2000

Choosing the Clematis You Want Garden News 7.9.2000

Control of Stem Rot Clematis International 2000

Nine Clematis You Can't Do Without Garden News 18.1.2001

Clematis Gems for the Rockery Garden News 17.5.2001

Easy and Showy Clematis Garden News 20.9.2001

Winter Flowering Clematis Garden News 15.11.2001

Clematis in Your Trees and Shrubs Garden News 17.1.2002

Climbing Clematis for the Summer Garden News 16.5.2002

Wilting in Clematis Clematis International .2002

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