Howells on Clematis

This site is maintained in memory of the late Dr John G Howells, 1918 - 2007

Gardeners are rightly attracted to the supreme plant that is clematis.

But they want to know about it. How do they choose a clematis for their purpose? There are over a thousand on offer.

How do they plant these beauties? How do they look after them? How do they prune? How do they use the clematis in the garden? How do they grow it with other plants?

What are the problems that can arise and how to cope with them - especially the dreaded stem rot (clematis wilt).

The gardening scene changes - and it does for clematis too. The gardener wants to be in touch with change.

For all this the gardener needs to be in touch with a knowledgeable, experienced enthusiast - and a gardener too.

This site aims to supply just that.

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